Plastic Egg Maracas

Well shock horror as it’s not quite Easter yet and we are already filled to the brim with Easter sweeties. Oops!

My son has been obsessed with plastic eggs for months (cheers YouTube) but I’ve refused to buy him one as I think they’re a bit of a con. Salvation for toddlers as usual comes in the shape of grandparents so he was super happy when one arrived in the post from my mum. After swiftly dealing with the sweets inside it he didn’t want to throw it out straight away and frankly I wasn’t super keen to add to the landfill that quickly so I thought we’d upcycle it.

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Things I want to make: Tuesday Tutorials

After looking at Easter ideas for the kids the last few weeks this weeks Tuesday Tutorials hails a return to form for me by focusing on stuff that I want to do. Yep, just me, nothing to do with the kids. After all the holidays are all about the little ones and by now I certainly need some me time to chill out. Check out these little bits of amazingness…

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A Teeny Tiny Westcliff Yarnbomb

Do you ever feel that what you’re doing isn’t good enough? Your blog isn’t as widely read as other people’s. Your pictures aren’t going to win any awards. You know exactly when Peter Rabbit will be on cbeebies. I think most of us struggle form time to time, questioning ourselves, everyone has a few things they doubt themselves on.

note tied to yarnbomb

It seems like I’ve wanted to do a yarnbomb forever, but my crochet skills aren’t amazing. Wouldn’t be so bad in itself but the Christmas and Valentines yarnbombs in Southend were brilliant. How could I ever crochet Shakespearean characters?!

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Easter Crafts for Toddlers to Keep Their Parents Sane

Well hows that for an SEO friendly title?! Honestly I did try to think of something better, but my only other option was ‘Slightly Barmy Stuff I’ve Been Doing With My Son’. Obviously I’m expecting this to do well on Google!

None the less though, Easter Crafts for Toddlers to Keep Their Parents Sane this is, because, well.. two weeks holiday is a long time, three weeks in my son’s case. Having spoken to some of my parent friends today the general consensus was that the wine was flowing earlier in the day than normal, so with that in mind, here are some of the Easter crafts me and my three year old have been doing when, the weather is a bit poor or I really can not face soft play.

Easter Bunting

Childrens Easter Bunting

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Barleylands Farm and…whats that? A craft centre?!

So last week The Husband had the week off and we decided to visit a few local places that we’d been putting off for a bit. Barleylands Farm was one at the top of my ‘Nice Places I Want To Go To’ list. I mean, admittedly it was a bit lower down the list than Barbados but two small kids rather ruins your chances of a daiquiri on the beach anyway.

barleylands essex new lambsAnyway, I’m sure Barbados is rubbish in the spring where as Barleylands? Baby lambs. Yep, because it’s spring you want to be seeing and feeding some baby lambs, right? [Read more...]

Easter Chick Craft Ideas: Tuesday Tutorials

Wooo! It’s Tuesday! Well I don’t know about you but I saw the weather prediction for this week and my main thought was to how on earth to keep my eldest occupied during the Easter break. I was therefore delighted to see all the fab Easter crafts that were linked up last week so I thought I’d showcase some cute Easter chick craft ideas which we’ll hopefully be trying out soon!
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Where to Find Gorgeous Free Social Media Icons

I’ve been blogging for just over two years and I think not a day has passed when I don’t look at someone else’s blog and think, wow! That looks cute! Wish my blog looked like that! Crafts on Sea is very much a thrifty blog though so rather than spend loads on design I’ve scoured the internet to find cute blog freebies. Today I thought I’d share some of the cutest free social media icons that I’ve found which I thought you might like to know about too!

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Visiting Southchurch Hall and Museum

Last weekend we visited Southchurch Hall and Museum, as a family we’d spent the previous wrapped up in the collective joys of a delightful virus and we all needed a bit of fresh air, but somewhere not too far and preferubly where we could sit down for a coffee, this seemed to fit the bill!

Southchurch Hall Southend on Sea

Southchurch Hall is a medieval moated manor house that was built sometime between 1321 and 1364, it’s owners over the years have extended slightly on it and therefore you can see examples in the building of when it was built but also from the Tudor and Stuart period. It’s owned by Southend Council and most importantly, is also the place where I got married. Yep, I got married in a museum which has a gift shop, how cool is that! It is also very helpful if, say, both you and your partner are both known for being mega forgetful as the knowledge that if all goes wrong you can pick up a ring for a couple of quid alleviated a lot of concerns at the time! [Read more...]