Perfect Yorkshire Puddings?!?

Stop the clocks people, I have made a roast dinner!

perfect yorkshire puddings Ok, I know that for most people this is hardly Big News, but for me? I don’t do roast dinners. Agro. Washing up. Not that exciting. Most importantly, not pasta or cake which are the two lynchpins of my healthy balanced diet. However my friend Rachel who has the world’s best tea loaf recipe told me the other day that she had the perfect recipe for yorkshire puddings. Rachel cooks roast dinners a lot, because unlike me she is a Good Housewife. And her kids eat LOADS, so I thought I would give it a try. Look, I’m in my 30’s with toddler, pregnant and married to a preacher, these days cooking a roast is classified as living on the edge to me. 

The Recipe:

Crack some eggs (I used two) into a measuring jug. Note the volume. Whisk.

Whatever the volume your eggs came to (eg 100ml) now add the same in plain flour and milk. Whisk the three together.

Put some oil in the base of each of your muffin tins (which being non-domesticated I don’t own, but the tins I use for fairy cakes were fine). Pop in your oven at a high heat. Leave for 10 minutes.

When you are ready to put your batter into your tins, at the last moment crack another egg into your mixture, whisk like a woman possessed and then pop it into your hot tins. Put in the oven for 20 minites and do not check. Obviously you have a clean glass oven door so you can check how they are progressing this way. If for some reason this is not the case (ahem) just hold out as long as you can, ok?

Et voila! You have made some easy perfect yorkshire puddings and everyone is happy! Even The Toddler ate loads of his roast dinner, perhaps this is what he’s been holding out for?

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  1. Gemma says

    Will definitely be trying this, thanks! Usually I use ready mades (which are NASTY) so hopefully even I’ll be able to cope with this recipe!

    • Kate says

      Or just give him a beer. Y’know. Cookings good but he’ll probably appreciate the beer just as much ;o)

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