Hotel Chocolat Easter Giveaway

raspberry-eton-mess-egg-sandwichI love Hotel Chocolat so I figure everyone else must too, and with Easter on the horizon who wouldn’t want to make sure that they get a nice egg on the day?!

Here’s what the people at Hotel Chocolat say about their Eton Mess egg: “Everyone loves an egg sandwich which is why we created these little beauties. And dare we say it, we might even have improved on it – with two slices of gorgeous chocolate pressed between two beautifully decorated egg shells. Suitable for vegetarians.”

Here’s what I say: “Looks lush, why can’t I enter my own competitions?!” 

This competition will close on Sunday 24th March to give the lovely people at Hotel Chocolat time to post the winner their yummy egg in time for Easter. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below, and as I’m still trying to teach my son about the joys of sharing, let me know who you’d share your egg with. (Nb- no-one is a perfectly acceptable answer

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  1. says

    Mmmmm…..would share with hubby most definitely. Would have to hide it from twin teen daughters first though, ability for sniffing out chocolate that isn’t theirs is incredible!

  2. annie says

    share…!?!? oh alright, my 3 and 1 year old then! and share the cleaning them up afterwards with the hubby!! x

  3. says

    I would share with my two beautiful girls, otherwise known as Princess Peppa and Little Miss George, and my long suffering hubby. I can almost see their faces if they were to catch sight of an egg like this! The “wonder” on their faces would be worth sharing almost all of it….

    I did say ‘almost’ didn’t I? Phew!

  4. Tracy Nixon says

    No one! I hardly ever get a treat and I have four children who must get at least 12 eggs each off family and friends! I don’t have an OH so I would savour it myself x

  5. Melissa Manning says

    My other half doesn’t like chocolate (so he says) but I reckon he’d end up eating half of it anyway!

  6. Anne-Marie Taylor says

    I suppose I would have to share it with my husband – unless I could find a corner to hide in!

  7. Phyllis Ellett says

    Would share it with my daughter, who as a single mum, is now on her second year of nurse training. Just to say ‘Well Done’

  8. Jane Goodoe says

    I’M being selfish for once and 1 will enjoy it all myself on a sunday afternoon watching a good film!

  9. Jason Henson says

    Share it?? you must be joking, looks way to good to share, all for me!! ;) Good luck everyone someone is going to be very happy

  10. Janet Rawstron says

    I would share with my three grandchildren who insist they are not too old for Chocolate eggs at Easter.

  11. Amanda Hurst says

    SHARE…SHARE!!! How could you even suggest such a thing, after all we are taking about CHOCOLATE. If it was anything else I would gladly share it, people even go as far to say I am a generous person, but they don’t know about my dirty dark secret and chocolate.

  12. Charlotte Ingham says

    I’d share mine with my boyfriend….I think I’ll have the bigger half though, it looks YUMMY!

  13. paula Gwynne says

    I would share it with my DH as he has been doing loads of overtime since christmas and deserves an easter treat.

  14. sandie a smith says

    I would share with any of my family who were around when I opened it – but I think I would open it when they were all out! (and destroy any evidence :-) :-) They get enough and wouldnt like to make them sick with tooooo much of a good thing.

  15. Debbie M says

    I’d share it with my dad as he has given up chocolate for Lent and can’t wait until his first taste again at Easter!

  16. Carole says

    I’d share it with my inner child & tell her it’s OK to enjoy eating chocolate without feeling guilty :)

  17. deborah godbolt says

    it forced to i would share it with my daughter but would rather give her a buttons egg and keep this special one for myself lol

  18. tony harrington says

    i would share it with my Wife (as in I would have the choccy and she could have the packaging!)

  19. Eva Palmer says

    My son, with blood tests and a new school it’s all been abit stressful for him….that’s the only reason any other time it would be all mine :D

  20. TC says

    I think I would have to reluctantly share with my husband and daughter (who’s probably a bigger chocoholic than me)

  21. Sandra Stitchell says

    Do I have to share this? All right maybe save a piece for my Daughter and maybe my Hubby if he is good.

  22. Erin Bryant says

    I would share it with my partner for being such a fantastic support through my first pregnancy (due in 5 weeks!).

  23. Christine Montanaro says

    Well chcocolate & eton mess are 2 of my favourite foods so I guess I’d have to share it with my favourite husband!

  24. sian hallewell says

    Well it would be nice to eat it all! Somehow I don’t think my five year old granddaughter would let me, thank goodness the other granchildren are much to small to be eating chocolate eggs.

  25. Rachael G says

    I’d share it with my Husband when the kids were safely tucked up in bed (they get enough treats as it is!).

  26. Vicki Macdonald says

    I’d have to share it with my sister…were both chocoholics & this Prize egg sounds scrumptious :)

  27. Kelly Dudley says

    I’ll be totally honest. I would squirrel this away in my knitting box and snaffle it when nobody else was looking.

  28. tina edwards says

    i would share this with my daughter as we have both been on a diet together for ages and this would be a rare treat

  29. Robyn Hawkins says

    I’d have to be nice and share it with my partner…it would however get hidden away in my secret stash and only brought out to be shared when I fancied some or it would be gone in one sitting! :-D I can share…on my terms when it comes to sweets and chocolate :-D

  30. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    I would have to send this to my mumsy! I don’t see enough of the ol’ battleaxe, and while I’m not the huggiest person in the world, I can be sweet and share me chocolate! ;-) My mum has overcome so many things, it would be an absolute joy to win and spoil her as like with many at the moment, pennies are tight! Thanks for the chance to win! Good luck to all! I have subscribed! :-D xxxx HAPPY EASTER ALL! XXXX

  31. Sarahann Tonner says

    I”d share the egg wih my mum and sister. Theyve supported me so much through my university studies.

  32. Rachel says

    I would share the chocolate egg with my mum. As we are both fond of chocolate and enjoy sharing treats with each other.

  33. Lynne OConnor says

    my eldest son – if I didn’t he’d sneak the whole thing to his bedroom and I wouldn’t see any of it

  34. Alys Preece says

    With my best friend who has bought me an egg for the last couple of years despite me not getting her one. I need something special this year to make it up to her!

  35. Hayley Wakenshaw says

    I’d share it with my eight year old who has expensive tastes and really likes Hotel Chocolat’s Eton Mess bars. :-)

  36. Marilyn Wilkinson says

    My old mum who absolutely loves chocolate, (as do I). This could put a serious dent in my diet!

  37. Peak Lee says

    No one because the last time I had some Hotel Chocolat egglets I shared them with my sister and 3 nephews. Not sharing would be a guilty pleasure!

  38. Rebecca Fall says

    My three nieces – this wouldn’t be by choice, I often find a small child hanging off the chocolate bar that’s in my mouth.

  39. Lindsey G says

    I would share with my teenage daughter,, she is really hard to buy for at Easter as always wants something “different” this would totally suit her

  40. Emma Carter says

    I’d share it with my husband and my daughters – I must love them a phenomenal amount to share Hotel Chocolat chocolate with!

  41. julie mcdonald says

    id share with my 4 sons, husband and grandson (my part of the share would probably be opening the box then throwing the empty box in the bin! )

  42. Deborah Wheeler says

    Do I have to share – would love this just for myself but if I had to share it would be with my other half

  43. jellie says

    I would have no choice but to share with my daughters as they have a very firm belief that what’s mine is theirs!!

  44. NICOLA TERRY says

    Share?? Chocolate?? lol. Actually I would probably share with my OH or my mum as white chocolate is her fave

  45. carol wilson says

    i would be so tempted to keep it all to myself, but would end up sharing with my chocolate loving son

  46. Julie Lorraine Thomas says

    I’d like to take a quiet moment, a film, my husband and this gorgeous egg and just take time for us to relax and enjoy this speciality chocolate – wonderful!

  47. Ruth Winstanley-Woodhall says

    I guess I’d have to give some to my husband but I’m pregnant so I’d obviously have most of it!!!!!

  48. Kerry Robertson says

    I would possibly share it with my 2 boys although they really arent keen on white chocolate, shame, more for me!!

  49. says

    OOh, I would definitely share mine with my Better Half, and Yes, I call him that with pleasure. This is the man who bought 40 eggs for Scouts, and took all the mini-eggs out of them and saved them for me :-)

  50. Liz ferguson says

    The whole family will be together for the holiday.

    We have planned a day out at Hadrian’s Wall for everyone to enjoy.

    And, on the night time, we will be snuggled up watching movies.

    What could be nicer than to share this egg out amongst the children, while watching Disney Films?

  51. Rebecca Nisbet says

    I’d pretend I hadn’t won anything and eat it all in one go before the chap comes home and my daughter wakes up!

  52. Amanda Wakefield says

    I suppose I’d share it with my husband and kids, but if they happen to be out I suppose I could manage it on my own…

  53. debbie skinner says

    I would share with my partner and two lovely daughters – but I would have to have the biggest share!!

  54. debbie jackson says

    it would be the other way around in our house, it would be who are the kids going to share it with???? ME!

  55. Kate Sabin-Burns says

    Idealy I would keep it all to myself – but I have 2 kids so I very much doubt it would happen that way haha

  56. Romana Richards says

    It’d only be fair to share it with any family visiting that day. They would want some as soon as they saw it and, knowing Hotel Chocolat eggs, it would go round everybody.

  57. dawn Thompson says

    My gorgeous boyfriend – he buys me an egg each year and I never get him one so it only seems fair!

  58. Kathryn says

    I’m not so sure I could share that if I’m honest – looks like one for when my son is in bed, and my husband is out LOL

  59. Lynthia says

    I would share this with my sock puppet George, he has a mouth but he can’t eat really so all the more for meeee!!!

  60. Ann Willers says

    I’d share it with my husband, daughter and grandson and anyone else in the family who happened to be around at the time of ‘cracking it open’

  61. Joanne Parry says

    I would share my easter egg with my husband, his parents and my sister in law and niece after i have cooked them all a big roast dinner Easter Sunday!

  62. Kerrie McKay says

    I would share my egg with my parents. I am moving back to my hometown next weekend for the first time in 15 years so this would make a great “hello, i’m home” gift to my parents.

  63. Cheryll H says

    If the girls knew about it I’d share but, really, I’d rather do the honourable thing and eat it all myself. Looking after their teeth and all *blushes*

  64. cheryl lovell says

    I wouldnt share it with anyone! I have been on weight watchers since Christmas and have lost 18.5lbs so far so I would savour every last bite! :)

  65. Kimberley Burton says

    I wouldn’t share with anyone – I’d keep it all to myself, no one loves Hotel Chocolat as much as me, haha!

    • karen taylor says

      I would share it with my Son as he is the last one to leave the nest and I guess there won’t be many more Easter mornings together……..precious moments: )

  66. Chantal says

    With my best friend Mornay who is the only person in the UK that I would share my chocolate with as he makes me just as happy as chocolate does!

  67. Ellie Jacobs says

    I would share with my little invisible friend Lola, who lives inside my tummy. The only way for her to get it is for me to eat her share myself first ;) LOL

  68. Laura Day-Henderson says

    Id lock myself in the bathroom and eat this alllll to my self.. If I could manage to eat it in more than one sitting I would hide it in the cleaning cupboard!

  69. katrina adams says

    Chocolate egg – Share?!?!? NEVER!!!!! Only kidding. I’m sure I could be persuaded to share it with my best friend.

  70. Caroline Hammond says

    I’d share it with my 4 boys. I might be lucky and have some for me but I doubt it very much :o(

  71. louise walton says

    I never manage to have anything for myself with my hubby & 2 boys wanting to share everything, so think I will have this all to myself!!

  72. mummy and her kids says

    I would actually donate it to our school Easter Raffle as we have had problems getting companies to donate this year and we are in need of funds.

  73. Jenny C says

    Unfortunately nobody likes chocolate in my house so I’d have to eat it all by myself! ;)
    What a super looking egg!

  74. Ellie Turner says

    Well I would like to say I would share it but .. It’s chocolate ! I don’t share sacred things like that

  75. Hilary Grey says

    Share? Don’t be ridiculous. :-D
    Anyway, nobody else around here likes white chocolate so I’m perfectly safe!

  76. Anna M. says

    I’m the only one in our family who likes Eton Mess desert and what’s more it is one of my favourites so I’m the only one who really deserve to eat this egg.

  77. Hayley Todd says

    I would share this with my lovely son who has just found out he has received an A* in his practical Drama and Theatre Studies GCSE exam :-)

  78. Jenny says

    I would try to share it with my husband, but he is a chocolate hog, so we would have to split it to start with!

  79. natalie baugh says

    i really wouldnt want to share because it looks so yummy, but its very hard to eat chocolate in secret in my house haha

  80. Carol De Brikasaan says

    I’m having a ‘who can lose the most weight contest’ with my husband .. so i’d give it to him!!

  81. Mrs Josie Uden says

    I’m newly married to the most wonderful husband who buys me chocolates and flowers, cooks me dinner and pours me wine often for no reason at all… therefore, I would definately share with my hubby to say thank you for being a perfect husband!

  82. Sarah H says

    If he’s lucky i may share it with my partner!! Luckily my two children don’t actually like white chocolate – so all the more for us hehe x

  83. laura avery says

    Id share it with ME, Myself and I !! (ok maybe ill let the children have a lick, if they are lucky!)

  84. ruth p says

    I will share it with all thse people who have had their monies cut, so that the job centre crew can win an egg

    If I win this please go out and give it to a homeless person x

  85. Victoria Leedham says

    No one! I would hide it and eat little bits at a time otherwise the kids would make it vanish in seconds!

  86. Maria Messruther says

    I would let my 4yr old try a bit (the smallest piece I can get away with) then hide it til hubby and little man are asleep and scoff the lot

  87. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Cher? Isn’t she a singer? Oh you mean SHARE? SHARE chocolate? Is that a joke? Of course I’d share it with the family (I think lol). Seriously, good luck to all. :) :D xx

  88. Virginia Fanshawe says

    I’d share with my mother – she’s 90 and neither of us have had an easter egg for years, so I’d better put that right! We’re both veggie too, as is the egg – and I absolutely love Eton Mess!

  89. nikki reynolds says

    Id share mine with my babies, i probably wouldnt be left with much though as there is 3 of them and they are very greedy

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